Yeast Infections Symptoms

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Sarah Summer Yeast Infection Cure
Sarah Summer Yeast Infection Cure

What are the symptoms of a yeast infection?

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Yeast infections symptoms are varied.  Some suggested yeast infection symptoms below may be caused by other conditions, but if you have a systemic yeast infection, you’ll be able to tick quite a few of the boxes below:

1) Itching and burning in the vagina.

However, please note that this does not in and of itself suggest a yeast infection’s symptoms.  It could be one of the following:

–a sexually transmitted disease !

– or ,because of menopause. When the production of estrogen goes down during the menopause, it can cause the walls of the vagina to become thin and dessicated, which of course can cause itching and irritation. Thinning of the vaginal walls can also occur in women who breastfeed.

– Itching caused by chemical irritants e.g condoms, detergents, contraceptive foams and the nicely-scented toilet paper that is a bane to hemorrhoid sufferers as well!

– Bacterial vaginosis.  Along with the same yeast infections symptoms you get a burning discharge and a fishy smell.  Eek!

For these reasons it’s a good idea if you have yeast infections symptoms to get it checked out by your doctor if the unusual yeast infections symptoms do not go away (many times vaginal itching will just improve by itself)

2)swelling of the vaginal walls

3) Discharge may be one of the yeast infections symptoms. This is because one often gets minimal vaginal discharge, or none at all. If you do get a discharge it looks typically white and curd-like, although it may be a bit thin and watery in some cases.

4) Irritability, lethargy, migraines, dizziness can be some yeast infections symptoms

5) Digestive pain

6)constipation,rectal itching, sometimes diarrhea could be some of  the yeast infections symptoms

7) oral thrush

8) Menstrual and pre-menstrual problems,yeast vaginitis, bladder inflammation,cystitis, urinary tract infections can be yeast infections symptoms.

9)Yeast infections’ symptoms may include a burning sensation during urination.  If it’s a yeast infection the sensation occurs when the urine reaches the outside;with a urinary tract infection the “burning” is felt as the urine passes down the tube to exit the body

10) Eczema can sometimes be amongst a yeast infections symptoms

11) Hypoglycemia can be one of the yeast infections symptoms

12) Tinea, hives and other skin irritations such as (10) above can be among the yeast infections symptoms.

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Note: For male yeast infection symptoms check out “Male yeast infection symptoms and treatment”