All About Candida Albicans Treatment

Do I need Candida Albicans treatment? Is that what I have?

A Natural Candida Cure

Candida Albicans yeast is a fungus that is generally found on the skin and inside membranes like the vagina, mouth and anus. However, it can also be present in our blood stream, intestines and inside our heart. When the disease is left untreated it can reap havoc with the body’s immune system, and leave your health in tatters.

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Those who suffer with a candida albicans yeast problem report having symptoms such as;

  • Creamy white or bluish blotches on the tongue
  • Cottage cheese like vaginal discharge that smells rancid.
  • A swollen red tongue, accompanied by redness in the lining of the mouth.
  • Itchy feet that never seem to cure
  • Jock itch
  • Extreme discomfort when passing urine

Children also can suffer from Candida Albicans infection. It is called diaper rash, and when caused by Candida it shows up in an inflammation of the skin that looks red and scaly.Even the fingernails and toenails can become infected; they also look red and can later develop pus. Men can also require Candida Albicans treatment if they suffer from the effects of Candida albicans yeast problems in the form of Balanitis, an inflammation of the penis.

In cases where the immune systems of the sufferers are very weak, Candida can spread to vital organs through the bloodstream and cause severe symptoms like blood in your urine, murmurs in your heart, blurred vision, and even seizures.

Why Do I keep Getting The Same Candida Albicans Infection?

If anti-fungal drugs manage to clear up the Candida albicans infection , but you find that you quickly get infected again, it might be because your sexual partner also has Candida and is the source of the infection. Sometimes sexual partners can carry Candida without knowing it.

Does Candida Albicans treatment Conflict With Other Medications I Might Be Taking?

Adverse effects have been found when taking Antibiotics during a Candida albicans infection. When you are treating diaper rash it is best to use creams and make sure the diaper is cleaned regularly.  If you find you get skin Candidiasis often it is important to keep your skin dry.

What Can I Do To Treat Candida Albicans Infection?Is there a good Natural candida albicans treatment?

You must visit your doctor. The doctor may decide to carry out lab tests, that will include blood tests,  and wound cultures. Even a tissue biopsy could be required if you’re suffering from a systemic disease.

Once the Candida infection has been identified it can be treated with over the counter or prescription drugs. Your doctor might recommend Clotrimazole, Miconazole, or Tiocanazole with topical administration as a method of candida albicans treatment. If you prefer tablets your doctor might recommend taking Fluconazole, or Amphotericin B.

The downfalls are that it’s annoying having to take oral medication, and some drugs have distinct side effects. Natural candida albicans treatment/cures are available- creams and tablets are messy, and can be complicated.  Natural cures are quick to work , and leave your body feeling candida free in a short space of time.

How can I prevent Candida Albicans infection?

Treat thrush symptoms as soon as the arise, never put of a trip to the doctors, and if you feel at an all time low health wise – get a checkup.

You must also do your best to keep your skin clean, dry and free of small cuts and abrasions. This will help you to avoid Candida from causing infections. And keep you clear of having to look for a further Candida Albicans cure.

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