Causes of yeast infections

What causes yeast infection?

There are a number of Yeast Infection causes and/or possible indicators as to what causes yeast infection:Causes of Yeast Infections

1) The biggest cause of Candida infections is a weakened immune system. This can happen as a result of stress, insufficient rest or because of illness.

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2)  Pregnancy.  This, for most people,  sounds a bit odd to be included under any heading like “Yeast infection causes”.  Why would something so “natural” as pregnancy be a cause of yeast infection?  This is more thoroughly discussed on the page “Yeast infection and pregnancy

3) Candida Albicans.  You’ll see this name mentioned quite a bit on this site.  Candida albicans is a fungus.  It is found on the skin and mucous membranes (vagina, mouth ,nose). Normally, Candida causes no symptoms. (It is also found in everyone’s intestines and is usually kept under control by the beneficial bacteria present therein and by the immune system itself.)   When there is change or damage to the skin or mucous membranes (maybe due to medications or stress) candida can multiply and cause the symptoms associated with yeast infections.  Other types of Candida can also cause vaginal yeast infections (see Types of Yeast Infections)

4) Menstrual period. Some women get mild yeast infections towards the end of their  periods, possibly in response to the body’s hormone changes. These infections will sometimes disappear without treatment as the menstrual cycle progresses.  (The blood that comes out during a period has nothing to do with the causes of the yeast infection.)   It is preferable to use pads, rather than tampons, and change them often because the former can harbor bacteria that cause infection.

5) Antibiotics– can be a cause of yeast infection.  The problem with antibiotics is that they kill a wide variety of bacteria, including those that normally live in the vagina. These very bacteria protect the vagina from yeast expansion. Some women are prone to yeast infections while taking antibiotics.  See more on Antibiotics and Yeast Infections

5)Anti-inflammatory drugs e.g ibuprofen and naproxen can be causes of yeast infections (same as above-these “helpers” can actually hinder by destroying beneficial stomach flora).

7) Birth control pills, particularly those containing estrogen, can be a cause of yeast infections

7b) Contraceptive devices such as I.U.D’s, sponges and diaphragms have been associated with increased risk and potential cause of yeast infection.  Condoms can sometimes cause problems that lead to yeast infections, particularly latex condoms that can irritate some women or ones that use a spermicidal called Nonoxynol-9 .

8)  Food. Yip, food can be one of the yeast infection causes.   Did you know that much of the food we eat contains either antibiotics or mould?  For example, antibiotics are regularly fed to beef and dairy cattle and these end up on our dinner plates.  Grains-which we eat so much of e.g barley, rye peanuts -are usually contaminated with some kind of fungus or other.  Many grains are stored in silos where mold develops, and it is still there when it gets to us, even though the worst batches no doubt get sold off as feed for cattle or for beer-making!

9) Vaginal yeast infections can occur in women who aren’t sexually active but they are generally more common in women who are.  Candida can be transmitted from one partner to another, and since men may not show symptoms, it is possible there could be further transmission particularly if more sexual partners are involved;hence its place amongst the Yeast infection causes.  If one knows one has slept with a person suffering from a yeast infection, both parties should complete some kind of yeast infection treatment before resuming relations.

10) Diabetes.  A woman with this disease is at higher risk, especially if her blood sugar levels remain at a higher-than-normal level and thus it might be a factor in what causes yeast infection.

11) Stress can be a risk factor among Yeast Infection Causes, and there are probably others such as Unhygienic Living conditions.  Other useful sites that talk about this are Natural Detox Tips or try WL – WebLinks Directory

12) Particularly if you get chronic yeast infections, you may want to consider getting a test for mercury poisoning if you have mercury poisoning symptoms.

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