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You can also drive, cycle or arrive by public transport.$25 admission for non Tasmanians. “If you are Tasmanian, and identify yourself as such (yes, yes, second head etc etc), you get in for free” MONA website. Under 18s also admitted free, regardless of head count..

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With federal and provincial funding covering 90 per cent of the renovations and new equipment, Porter said Community Inclusions share of the expense was around $27,000. It also incurred a $30,000 mortgage in purchasing the building. He hopes Community Inclusions can cover some of its expenses by selling its former Gaspe Road workshop..

Records indicate the elected officials received $250 for meals and incidental expenses for each of the nine days of the trip, totaling to $2,250 for each member of the council. The city secretary, however, only obtained $125 per day for a total of $1,125. Overall, the city spent over $10,000 on meals..

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