Chronic yeast infections or Mercury poisoning symptoms?

Mercury poisoning symptoms and Mercury Candida Detox

Mercury and heavy metals present in one’s body can mimic the symptoms of yeast infection so it’s worth doing the relevant tests for this if if the chronic yeast infections’ symptoms stubbornly remain in spite of you having done all you can by way of yeast treatment.

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You may have undertaken some kind of yeast treatment to cure your yeast infection, and find you still get chronic yeast infections; or you followed your doctor’s prescription, and obtained only temporary or minimal results.  If so, it may pay check out if you in fact have heavy metal poisoning and need a Mercury Candida Detox.

Chronic Yeast Infections or Mercury poisoning symptoms

Metal elements such as copper and iron are needed in smallish amounts but metal toxins such as lead, arsenic,aluminium, mercury and cadmium are not known to help the body in any way.  If you ingest or swallow enough of these toxins at one time, it can result in acute toxicity.  However, for the most part, toxicity is of the chronic kind:we take in these elements from the environment we live in.

How do I get exposed to mercury poisoning and other toxins?

Well, unfortunately, through many avenues.  They are found in hair dyes,cosmetics, and in dental fillings (probably a good idea to have those old amalgam fillings removed by a “biological dentist” who is trained to remove all mercury safely, although it will probably cost you a bit more.)and in non-freshwater fish such as shark, swordfish and King mackerel.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was forced to admit recently that metal dental fillings containing mercury can cause health problems in pregnant women, children and fetuses-see this reporthere .

A lady by the name of Marie Flowers had a severe case of mercury poisoning due to the unsafe removal of a “silver” filling by her dentist. She says it was difficult to find the cause of her illness, because few health care professionals even know what mercury poisoning symptoms are, or about the options for a mercury detox.
Read Marie Flowers’ story HERE

Dr. Hal Huggins was really the major voice in bringing the problem of dental amalgam mercury poisoning to the public in the early 1980s. There have been attempts to discredit him but listen to this video of Dr Huggins speaking in New Zealand about poisoning from amalgam fillings-and make your own mind up.
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Unfortunately these toxins can even be found in food and water supplies and even in the air we breathe.  They can also come from chemicals such as insecticides, solvents and pesticides.  Even in vaccines!  All these can cause chronic yeast infections (and other ills) or have an effect on your body in the form of mercury poisoning symptoms that manifest as chronic yeast infections.

What are mercury poisoning symptoms?

These are a few:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Gingivitis
  • Coughing
  • Chest Pain
  • Hearing Loss
  • Irritability, fatigue and “brain fog”
  • Impatience,being easily upset and insecure in groups of people
  • Eyesight problems-blurring/floaters
  • Loss of libido
  • Bloating and gas

How to detect mercury poisoning?

Hair Test for Mercury Poisoning Symptoms
Hair Mineral Test

Blood tests are usually employed to detect acute mercury poisoning or other heavy metal poisoning. Chronic toxicity is far more common. To find out if you do have this problem then one can have one’s hair mineral tested or have what’s called a “urine challenge test”. HMD (Heavy Metals Detox) has a quiz on one of its pages which you can take to give you a general idea of toxicity.

In case you need to get one done now you can get a Mercury Heavy Metal Toxicity Home Test Kitquite affordably on Amazon or a Hair Mineral Analysis including MD recommendations.

Just follow the guidelines and if you do get a positive reading for mercury you should take further advice from your health professional or natural health practitioner on the best way to treat this and your chronic yeast infections.

We are not medical doctors as we state in our site disclaimer and we can only give some general tips for those who are interested in the steps you should follow in preparing for a Mercury detox.  George Georgiou, the inventor and patent holder for HMD (Heavy Metal Detox) is, however, an expert in the field of holistic medicine and detoxification. His product went through 3 years of clinical trials and is scientifically proven to remove heavy metals from the body. So you are best advised  to click on the links we have provided and look at HMD in more detail.

For those who are undecided or not ready at this time to invest $60-or whatever it is-in this great product, we give some initial guidelines below on what to do to prepare for a mercury detox (again, best to follow these along with help from your alternative health or health professional).

Preparing for a Mercury Candida Detox

The most important thing in preparing for a mercury candida detox is to cleanse out the colon so that you are having two bowel movements a day.  You want to ensure the liver and lymph system are ready to do their job and that the mercury will not be re-absorbed.  It’s best to do a colon cleanse and many natural health practitioners recommend Ultimate Colon Cleanse. The great thing with this colon cleanse is that it kills parasites as well.  If there’s an itch down below I can tell you from experience that a good parasite cleanse and a probiotic will help enormously, whilst you are addressing the yeast infection. Even if you find you have little or no mercury toxins, the colon cleanse would be a good precursor to any yeast treatment anyway.

The probiotics help keep the detox pathway open,and keep you regular, and you take the probiotic after you have finished with the colon cleanse..  A good probiotic is Syntol.

Also it is probably a very good idea to take a good, prescribed course of multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplements whilst embarking on any detox, and have flax seed oil with your cereals.

It should go without saying that you should drink lots of fresh,clean water at regular intervals during the day whilst you are doing your mercury detox.  Doing regular exercise that helps you to sweat will also help the body get rid of the toxins. Finally, you should be following a yeast infection diet whilst you are doing this.

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DMSA chelation

Having followed the suggested steps above, you would then be ready to remove the mercury toxins. A treatment which some sufferers of toxic heavy metal poisoning go for, which has been researched, is called DMSA chelation (there are others). It is to be noted first that AVOIDING undesirable exposure is the best, primary defence against toxic buildup.

DMSA is used to remove mercury and is taken orally (by mouth). This is treatment if levels are too high, It binds with mercury, arsenic, lead, and –it is thought-with antimony and gold, speeding up excretion of the toxic metals. For more information on DMSA chelation you can have a look at this link here or consult your health professional. (DMSA chelation should only be done under the supervision of a licensed physician who can prescribe the right amount of DMSA for the patient and perform tests to monitor the progress of the chelation therapy, and to look out if there are any complications.) We also have read in one place that it should not be undertaken if you still have mercury fillings in your mouth-get rid of those first.

Why we Recommend Heavy Metal Detox if you get Mercury Poisoning Symptoms

If you suspect mercury poisoning has caused your chronic yeast infection by all means do a test or tests as stated above and get some more information;but you should follow a scientifically proven product (or tested program) and the product we really recommend is called “Heavy Metal Detox” and it is recommended for a few good reasons:
– because George Georgiou, the inventor of HMD (Heavy Metal Detox), has the relevant credentials- a B.Sc. in Biology and Psychology, a M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Sexology. He also holds a Doctorate of Science in Alternative Medicine as well as other diplomas, He has researched heavy metal and chemical toxicity and he knows firsthand that treating the symptoms (which is what most doctors only seem able to do) is a fruitless exercise.
– He has found a solution that is the “world’s ONLY 100% natural detox product that has been scientifically proven to work”.
-Unlike synthetic drug chelation products such as EDTA or DMSA it has no side effects and has been called the “gentle chelator”. EDTA apparently can have side effects and cause kidney problems.
-HMD eliminates the most common heavy metals as well as other toxins – not just some of them. If you can remove the cause of your candida problem (if it is the cause in your case)- toxins-you then as a side benefit will see the removal of the candida problem.
– Also the very well researched information he presents has been verified by a microbiologist’s detox clinical results. The “Scientific Proof” section of the Heavy Metal Detox site has interesting peer reviewed research you can read for yourself.
-To conclude, Detox is run by experts with passion about this very subject. They are a group of doctors and scientific experts led by founder Dr George Georgiou (Ph.D.,N.D.,DSc (AM)) and Dr Graham Hutt (Ph.D., MF.Phys., IGPP, ITEC) who together have done a lot of research in the field of toxicity and detoxification. There product is supported by Research. Other herbal product may be cheaper but are not proven to work in clinical trials and may only be vitamins and water!

The group has a registered business address as well as U.K and U.S contact numbers. The importance of these facts i.e that they the product producers are health professionals in their own right and are easily contactable, cannot be overstated. As a product Reviewers we see many “health websites” which are simply small affiliate sites offering very little useful information and whose authors have no interest in the subject beyond the monetary. (We are not against affiliate marketing at all-some offer valuable information and deserve recompense) . Or, on the other hand, you see websites which look glossy and have a wonder product but in fact it is a drug produced by one of the big pharmaceutical companies repackaged as the “healthy solution”. Most usually have no interest in ongoing queries about heavy metal detoxification, chronic yeast infections, mercury detox pros and cons and the like. The authors and founders of the products and ebooks on this website like Heavy Metal Detox and Yeast Infection No More are refreshingly different-they have fully researched their topics and are experts in their field and have many satisfied customers, and provide ongoing support.

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  • Maria

    My medical company whom I work for will not treat, refer me or ackowledge my results stating that I have been Diagnosed by three Doctors and a Parasitologist with Mercury Poisoning.  Do you know of any financial help someone can get to help pay for treatment I have severe symptoms after 2 years still and have sold almost everything I own.   severly mercury poisoned in colorado

  • Hi Maria No I am afraid I don’t. Let me know if you wish to share your experience via a post.

  • What a story! Let us know if you are interested in sharing what happened.