Has Pacino tried it himself? truth is I haven’t,” he says

Thompson entered the court room into a small iron cage following the arraignment of a woman accused of selling, in Judge Jaime Romn’s words, “marijuana hashish.” Deadspin assumed we would be allowed to shoot video from the court room, but this apparently required a special permit to be sent in by fax (despite this being a public courtroom). I told the bailiff that I had indeed faxed in the permit (I hadn’t). He told me he’d try to let me shoot anyway (he did not, and instead stared at me during the arraignment).

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I am lucky to have people like that in my life.For everyone out there trying to reach a goal, I would say the sameto you. Keep reaching, keeping going. Even though your dream my seem far it may just be astep away. Officiating. Interment will follow in Ramsey Cemetery with a white dove release ceremony concluding the service. At the T.

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