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“Are These Male yeast infection Symptoms?”

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Can I get a yeast infection from my girlfriend?  I thought only women got yeast infections?

The answers to the above are:Yes, unfortunately men can get a yeast infection, particularly if you are not using a condom.  Getting a yeast infection from your girlfriend through sex is not that common, but it does occur.  It is important you both

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get treated , to avoid the possibility of you re-infecting each other.

Also, people with low immunity-men and women-can get yeast infections because they are run down or have the impaired immunity e.g men or women who suffer from H.I.V.

Another of the causes of yeast infection in men is use of spermicidal lubricants .The nonoxynol-9 in them cause rashes in male and female genitals, which then makes them susceptible to yeast infections.  So best to use condoms without the spermicide.

Another of the causes of yeast infection in men is being on antibiotics for a long period of time.  The problem with antibiotics and yeast infections generally is that they kill all the good bacteria as well as the yeast infection baddies.  Be careful if you are prescribed Nizoral (ketaconazole)as it is not good for your liver.

 What are male yeast infection symptoms?

Well-look for a red-colored rash at the tip of the penis, accompanied by a burning sensation or itch.  You may also get a little white discharge, like women. Male yeast infection symptoms aren’t too dissimilar to herpes, so get it checked by your doctor. You then need to decide on what male yeast infection treatment to pursue.

 Male yeast infection treatment

Most doctors will prescribe a drug like diflucan or an over the counter remedy like Monistat as a male yeast infection treatment.  A yeast infection diet and advice on foods to eat to assist in your male yeast infection treatment can be found in the link below, but, in general, if you reduce your sugar and alcohol intake this will speed up your  recovery substantially; also,eating natural yogurt will help and is useful to prevent the yeast infection recurring. Also- bathing in a sitz bath with a white vinegar douche (adding a few drops of vinegar to a warm bath) and soaking for 10 minutes is a good idea.

If you get recurring male yeast infection symptoms, or suffer from the more serious systemic candidiasis, we recommend you consider a fully natural, holistic remedy (obviously consult your health professional as well, but he or she is likely to prescribe, as I said, monistat, or a drug such as  diflucan, but you may not want the embarrassment of displaying your “crown jewels” in front of the doctor! And these treatments may not permanently sort the issue anyway).

The program below will go to the root of male candidiasis and is a great male yeast infection treatment and through a series of steps including dietary changes and natural herbal remedies, will put you on the road to permanent recovery.

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