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Using Monistat-Is Monistat Yeast Infection treatment the best?

The symptoms of a yeast infection can be almost intolerable. Many women complain about severe itching in their vagina accompanied with a discharge that they describe as, “like smelly lumps of cottage cheese.”

Alternatives to Monistat

Monistat treatment is a popular OTC treatment used to fight yeast infections. However, although it has been shown to be effective in about 50% of women, it is not always without harmful side effects.

So Monistat is one treatment for yeast infection that may work for some, but note-there are other treatments available that are far more effective, and have fewer or no side effects. The symptoms are also less likely to return, which is key.

What you need to establish, maybe with the help of your doctor, or natural health practitioner, is the nature of your ailment and probable causes and then decide on the best means of treatment.

What Exactly Is A Yeast Infection?

A fungus called Candida causes yeast infections. Yeast is always present in our bodies and can be present in the vagina without adverse reactions. However, a bacterial imbalance in the vagina can cause Candida to grow and produce a host of unpleasant symptoms, including vaginal itching, a burning sensation when passing urine, an unpleasant smelling milky discharge and others.

What Causes Vaginal Yeast Infections?

A change in the internal environment of the vagina usually causes yeast infections. Small cuts and abrasions in the vagina after intercourse can cause a yeast infection. Pregnancy, diet, synthetic underwear and tight fitting clothes may also be contributing factors. Antibiotics, too, can trigger Candida. Doctors do not consider Candida to be a sexually transmitted disease, because it often has causes unrelated to sexual activity.

Using Monistat Cream?

Monistat is the brand name of a drug whose active ingredient is miconazole nitrate. It is an effective treatment for a variety of fungal disorders. In order for Monistat Vaginal Antifungal Medication to effectively eliminate a yeast infection, it must be administered for the entire prescribed course of treatment. Many women discontinue use when their symptoms clear up or when they experience an allergic or adverse reaction to miconazole.  If Monistat treatment  is your treatment of choice (which I personally cant recommend), use it as prescribed for the full course of treatment, unless you experience a reaction to the medication.

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Monistat Discharge

Many women report experiencing a pink discharge from their vagina shortly after using Monistat cream or ointment. It is said to be normal leakage, but there is no data available on the Monistat website about this Monistat discharge or why the cream becomes discolored. Those who have experienced the discharge and continued treatment have reported that their personal physicians have stated that should not be cause for concern.
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Monistat Side Effects

Normal side effects include an increase in vaginal itching and burning and headaches and  Monistat can cause abdominal cramps occasionally. More severe side effects include severe vaginal burning sensations, severe abdominal cramps, and outbreak of hives and/or a skin rash and vulval and labial (external) swelling. These could be an indication that you are having an allergic reaction to miconazole. If you have these Monistat side effects or symptoms, discontinue use and see your doctor immediately.

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What are the Alternatives to Monistat Yeast Infection treatment?

There are safe, natural alternatives to Monistat treatment available for women who have an adverse reaction to Monistat or prefer to use non-prescription, natural remedies. Many of these remedies have a long history of effectiveness as reported by users and there have been very few if any reports of adverse side effects or allergic reactions to the alternatives to Monistat yeast infection treatment mentioned below.

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  • Betty Slinnaire

    Miconazole is for external use only.


    “Not for oral or RECTAL use.”

    IT clearly states external use only… yet, it is used inside the vagina cavity, no clarity as to the rectum cavity. I am surprised a lawyer hasn’t found a victim from misusing these products inside the rectum caused by product manufacturer’s improperly labelled warnings containing Miconazole Nitrate!

    External use only? And yet the rectum is just as internal as the vagina.

    The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. -Albert Einstein



    For vaginal use only. Really?!