And it’s not fair to the parents

And it’s not fair to the parents to ask them to pay double. It’s just a bad situation.”Little League mother Britni Pittman said she is upset and sad for their coach.”Our kids were so looking forward to their first T ball season in their new uniforms with their names. And we have nothing now,” she said.”We just hope that whoever did this will understand that they have no use for them and please return them or leave them somewhere that they can be found.”Waddell said he was in the process of filing a report with Shreveport police.Bicycle bandit accused of armed robbery in Long BeachBicycle bandit accused of armed robbery in Long BeachUpdated: Wednesday, April 19 2017 11:06 PM EDT2017 04 20 03:06:26 GMTPolice are searching for a man wanted in connection with an armed robbery in Long Beach on Wednesday.Police are searching for a man wanted in connection with an armed robbery in Long Beach on Wednesday.breaking1 killed in George County shooting1 killed in George County shootingUpdated: Wednesday, April 19 2017 10:55 PM EDT2017 04 20 02:55:17 GMTPolice are on the lookout for multiple suspects after one person was killed in George County Wednesday night.Police are on the lookout for multiple suspects after one person was killed in George County Wednesday night..

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