Oral yeast infection

You have probably heard of vaginal yeast infections, yeast infections of the penis and other areas-but have you heard of Moniliasis? This is a term for oral yeast infection i.e yeast infection of the mouth and throat -better known as thrush. Thrush or Oral yeast infection occurs in the mouth and throat and you usually get it from taking too many antibiotics, which kill the useful microbes in your mouth which keeps Candida Albicans at bay.
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Oral yeast infection symptoms

Very typically, there are unfortunately precious few symptoms of Oral yeast infection or thrush other than white patches which are observable on the mucous membranes. These don’t usually hurt but can occasionally make it hard for you  to eat anything or swallow.  Bleeding can also happen sometimes if they are rubbed against or scraped accidentally -for example after or whilst you brush your teeth.

Oral yeast infection treatment

If your baby or small child develops Moniliasis, you will want to initially take them to a pediatrician or doctor, because it is obviously important to make sure their fluid or food intake is not hindered by any sore throat symptoms or if they are having problems swallowing.

For adults there’s quite a wide variety of treatments on offer for oral yeast infection, and it’s likely your doctor will prescribe some OTC treatment consisting of tablets or lozenges or some anti-fungal mouthwash.


For you as a healthy adult or even if you are a child, there is a good chance you can find help with more natural yeast infection treatment in your battle with oral yeast infection.  Unsweetened natural yogurt with live cultures and acidophilus tablets are a good option.  They won’t get rid of the infection completely but they will restore the natural intestinal flora that will get the job done.

Some people have had success on their oral yeast infection using Gentian violet which has anti-fungal properties.  This will attack the fungal infection or bacteria in the mouth that causes the oral yeast infection-not to be used on children without guidance and supervision by a doctor.  Purple stains are a side effect!

So if you or your child has oral yeast infection, one can assume that your predominant thought is on how to rid yourself of the Moniliasis.  Many of the above remedies will help relieve symptoms but they all have one common denominator:they do not completely deal with the problem, merely addressing the symptoms.

What you want when trying to find the right natural yeast infection treatment for your thrush or Oral yeast infection problem is a program that will a) eliminate the yeast infection quickly  b)with no side effects  and c) that preferably will give you some understanding on the causes of yeast infections and how best to prevent symptoms in future.  Don’t suffer needlessly with this or other yeast infections for another minute.  Get the help that you deserve today.