Prayer is a form of worshiping God

Prayer is a form of worshiping God. Our prayer can be a message to Him that we love Him and are thankful for everything He has done for us. Prayer can also a way to ask God about things or for things. Vogue New Shoes 2010 “Our favourite footwear from the spring/summer 2010 catwalks”After looking at Vogue’s online feature on itsfavourite shoes for Spring Summer 2010 we came across these fab designer shoes by Michael Kors.”Spindly heels make a comeback and when in court form are the perfect wardrobe update” say Vogue. Our new arrival from United Nude isCup Buckle Sandal Hi which is a fabulous shoewith on trend features similar to the Michael Kors lovelies; including: toe strap, sprindly stiletto heel and foot/ankle strap. The United Nude Cup is a sculptured heel piece which literally ‘cups’ the heel of a classic shoe and also acts as a backpiece Camila Alves Matthew Mcconaughey GirlfriendWhilst flicking through the weekly Hello magazine we came across this image of Camila Alves (Matthew Mcconaughey’s girlfriend) rocking black, low heeled military ankle boots.

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