Recurring yeast infections

What to do About Recurrent Yeast infections

Get Yeast Infection No More

Between 5 to 8 % of women get Recurrent Yeast Infections (that is, 4 or more a year).  Factors that can contribute to recurrent yeast infections are:

  • if you use sexual lubricants or pantyhose
  • or consume cranberry juice.
  • or use highly-scented bath products,

A suggestion is to make sure your underwear is frequently exposed to direct sunlight, when being dried.

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-Try reducing the use of the lubricants ,avoid highly-scented bath products, and wear underwear made from cotton or silk, and wear stockings rather than tights and see if it makes a difference.
-You should see your Healthcare specialist if you get regular vulvar or vaginal itching, to eliminate other possible causes-for example, allergic reactions.
The main conditions that tend to predispose one to yeast infections recurring are:

1)      Antibiotic usage

2)      HIV positive women

3)      Pregnancy

4)      Diabetes mellitus

5)      Diseases where steroids are used e.g  Systemic Lupus (SLE)

6)      Use of combined oral birth control pills.

Therefore you may need to consider being tested for diabetes or HIV, if you consider your immune system is compromised.  Also be aware that if your being treated for acne with drugs like tetracycline, that can predispose you to recurring yeast infection

If you suffer from recurring yeast infections it might also be worth considering Acidophilus, as mentioned in our page on this site here.  If there’s enough healthy bacteria then there will not be the problem with the over-growth of  yeast.  There are many micro-organisms in the vagina, one being Lactobacillus acidophilus. This seems to help prevent other bacteria spreading to a point where symptoms appear.  Buy your acidophilus capsules from a proper licensed pharmacy or straight from a reputable  pharmaceutical company as certain products sold have got “dead” bacteria and won’t help.

It is probably a good idea to ask your partner to get treatment as well, to reduce the risk of re-infection. Sex can be one of the recurring yeast infections causes. Men do not usually show any signs of an infection even though the fungus or bacteria are present, so treatment is a good idea despite the lack of symptoms.  It is also a good idea to abstain from sex during the course of treatment or cure for recurrent yeast infections.

Symptoms of Recurring Yeast infection include:

Premature aging; painful sex ;vaginal odor; joint pain or swelling; acne;skin problems; short attention span ;hand pain; impotence; menstrual pain; urinary disorder; shortness of breath; food allergies

Treatment for recurrent yeast infections

The first thing is to get the right diagnosis.  Then work out the best course of treatment.  Women who suffer from a recurring yeast infection usually need a longer course of treatment.

In some treatments it is suggested that one alternate between over-the-counter treatment for one course and a prescription for the next.  Monistat is one of the commonest drugs prescribed for reoccurring yeast infections..

Drugs are prescribed again and again and the problem with that-see Antibiotics and yeast infections -is that the yeast infections become resistant to those drugs and one can end up with worse symptoms.  The good news is that there are natural treatments that can help or cure yeast infections without having to resort to drugs.  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND Yeast Infection No More.

So get the correct diagnosis initially so that you can then get the appropriate REMEDIAL CURE for your recurrent yeast infection