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Emma Taylor’s Yeast Infection treatment|Yeast Cleanser Review


Reviewer: Louise van der Merwe


Yeast Cleanser Review
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I have looked at other yeast infection products and was recently given Emma Taylor’s “Yeast Cleanser to review.  Although I am not currently a “bona fide user” of this particular product, these are my findings which I trust will be helpful to somebody.

It is a 160 page e-book which begins quite cheerily (or is that “eerily”?) with  identifying what yeast actually  is:  “we’re filled with fluids-from head to toe-and that means we are prime landing zone for thousands of different kinds of fungus.  It can grow on our skin, under our finger nails, in our hair and in just about every wet surface or opening on our bodies…”

It goes into the pros and cons of conventional treatments vs natural treatments . As Emma Taylor says “chemicals poured into your veins are going to be much different from natural organisms that are meant to work in tandem with your body as a complete organism.  First off, the body cannot absorb synthetic chemicals. They are artificial…”  Er, yes.!  That probably explains why itchiness and discomfort returned in various situation I can remember whenever I have been prescribed antibiotics (and that was not-as far as I am aware- for yeast infections).

Emma Taylor’s Cure for Yeast infections

As Emma Taylor says “When you base the entirety of science and medicine on empirical evidence that is obtained through closed trials (and isn’t that the truth?), problems are bound to arise.  Firstly, not everyone is the same…the human body is not a cookie cutter machine that operates the same on every level as another body.”

I couldn’t agree more.  She calls those who say that dietary changes cannot be proven to treat yeast infections, “naïve at best”.  She goes on to say that the medical profession is basically stuck in a rut “saying over and over again that chemicals are what is needed” to address health problems “rather than working towards re-balancing the body and getting you back to a state of health and wellness”. If this is a generalization, I do not think it is too far wide of the mark.  I have done quite a bit of my own research into natural healing remedies and related subjects, and from that I have to say I can largely concur.

But what are the advantages of “Yeast Cleanser”  to some of  the drugs-based conventional alternatives?.

  • Well, you get some useful comparisons, and then a description of -and the implied advantages of -the more natural alternatives she advocates .  In “Yeast Cleanser” Emma Taylor gives a list of current conventional treatments and prescription medications for yeast infection-together with side effects, which is very handy to know.  One of these treatments included ‘death’ as a potential side effect!
  • to balance this , she also lists current treatments ,touted as “holistic treatments “, from the internet, which she says are dangerous e.g boric acid remedy and oral consumption of tea tree oil.  I found that helpful.
  • She gives a list of different types of yeast infections (male yeast infection included) and useful, more natural-type remedies you can employ immediately, as well as what to do to prevent these types of infection in the first place
  • And yes, with the book, comes the promise of free, personal one-to-one COUNSELLING with the author

In Part 2 of our Yeast Cleanser Review Emma Taylor goes into her Yeast Cleansing plan and does  not beat about the bush, saying that changes to your diet and ridding your body of the excess yeast and parasites will take time but the ingredients that you will use to do this are not from the latest drugs company but from your local health store or in your home.  She cautions one to stick to the program as it has been “carefully balanced” for one to deal with all the risk factors in a yeast infection.

In “Yeast Cleanser” e-book Emma Taylor gives you 5 aspects  of Holistic Health for Yeast Infection treatment and I was interested to see that, apart from the expected topic or heading“Killing Candida” there is “Colon and Liver Cleansing” on the list, something else I have become personally convinced should be an essential part of the modern woman (or man’s) arsenal against toxic build-up in our bodies.

She goes in to some detail on foods to avoid .  I had already quit coffee as a beverage because of prior research on what it does to affect other health conditions such as hemorrhoids and the digestive tract, and I was interested to learn in my Review of “Yeast Cleanser” that coffee “imbalances the body, puts strain on the heart”-and all of this “aids Candida”.  She also gives useful tests for food allergies, a modern problem of epidemic proportions.

From there Emma Taylors Yeast Cleanser moves on to cover useful vitamins and mineral supplements. I learned something new about microwaved food!  From there she describes the necessity and practice of cleansing, including juice cleansing, detoxing in general including fasting and many useful tips can be found here some of which I will be implementing, as I do some of these things already in my current health regime.  She describes very well the various eliminative organs in the body and how we can detoxify and cleanse them.  I feel you will come out of this program not only with the tools to deal with the yeast problem but also prevent a host of other nasty modern diseases as well.

In the remainder of Yeast Cleanser Emma Taylor gives some great tips on healthy living. The old culprit Stress rears its ugly head and she gives some solutions to it.  One of the solutions is a form of Eastern meditation which may be you cup of tea, but there are more biblical forms of meditation which I would probably employ since I too have identified stress as a cause of some of my personal illnesses in the past.  Otherwise, there is not much that I found that either I disagreed with or that I thought was over-padded or redundant, as is the case with some Internet e-books, and it compares very favorably with older Internet e-books on this subject such as the Sarah Summer 12 Hour Cure. The material was well-presented and I would recommend it as a useful treatment resource on tackling this irritating disease.

And yes, there is a 60 day Money Back Guarantee-so you have nothing to lose!


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