Treating Yeast Infection

How to treat a yeast infection:diagnose first


Treating yeast infection need not be a hard or difficult thing. What you do need to do is establish a diagnosis as to the type of yeast infection you are suffering from, or whether in fact it is a yeast infection at all, or something else like bacterial vaginosis, before going on to decide how to treat a yeast infection present in your body.

From that, you can determine whether a home yeast infection remedy such as garlic, yogurt, apple cider vinegar or grapefruit seed extract is used, a drugs-based approach as in Monistat treatment or a fully holistic, natural tested remedy for treating yeast infection such as Sarah Summer’s cure or a treatment like This Cure Works, which also eliminates toxins, (see link at the bottom)is the best yeast infection treatment for you.


The problem with the more serious type of yeast infection- Systemic candidiasis-is that it is not so easy to diagnose. Other than realizing that you’re suffering with all the symptoms that are connected with systemic candidiasis, to make a correct diagnosis it would sometimes appear that you need the insight of a medical sage or miracle worker. Whilst it may seem simple, this is one of the illnesses that doctors seem not yet to have taken full control of. So the systemic type of candidiasis is hard to diagnose – even if you get a blood test, yeast might possibly be present in your blood stream from an oral or internal infection.

Once the yeast infection type is diagnosed , it is just a matter then of agreeing with your doctor on the best course of treating yeast infection. This might be Monistat treatment, or diflucan, or some other drug for treating yeast infections, but note: these can have side effects.

If you are breast feeding these are some tips for how to prevent a yeast infection: air-dry your nipples after breastfeeding and wash any breast pumps that have been used; if you are aware the baby may have yeast infection or thrush, ensure it gets treated quickly; expose the breasts to the sun once every day. One obvious symptom is if you feel shooting pains in the part of the breast just used for feeding, immediately after baby feeding time. Wearing cotton underwear helps and it is also a good preventative measure to get on a strict anti-fungal Yeast Infection diet.

Importance of diet in treating yeast infections

Diet will be part of any responsible plan for treating yeast infection. You will need to cut down on sugar and sugary food (and alcohol), as they encourage growth of the yeast. On the subject of diet-eat yogurt (natural yogurt with active cultures) plus take acidophilus supplements. This should be part of any course of treating yeast infections.

Is A Natural Cure for yeast infection the best yeast infection treatment– Are There No Over The Counter Medicines Available?

Doctors will prescribe the above-mentioned medications, supplements , anti fungal oral tablets and will probably speak to you about changing your diet when treating yeast infections. If you opt for an over-the-counter remedy remember to apply as directed, but if there are painful side effects you may need another doctor’s visit, which can all add up. Natural cures have often proven to be effective and quick in getting rid of systematic candidiasis, without the side effects, so , yes, if they are not the best yeast infection treatment available (and you do need to choose the programs or products that have many testimonials of success), then you would look long and hard. Plus how many times can you go and pay the doctor a visit complaining of the same aches and pains, before they send you to the psychiatrist?!

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