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cheap jerseys For 10 he was disappointed. Then, last week, after he resigned himself to the possibility of never knowing more, the call came. Was very surprised. With Kelleher in the lineup for the first 4 games of the year Amherst went 57 of 95 (60%) at the face off ‘x’, but against Endicott and WAC they went a combined 13 of 57 (23%). Those two teams have excellent face off men and Amherst still won those games, but eventually the lack of face off wins catches up to a team. Today, they face Springfield who has a solid FO player in Mark Gonzalez(he has been quite good over the last 3 games) and then, on http://www.okcheapjerseys.com Saturday, Middlebury and their face off man John Jackson (who went 15 23 against Endicott’s Tom Hughes). Although I was surprised to see Kelleher’s FO% so high, I saw him in WNE game and seemed to be getting outclamed, but the Lord Jeff’s had superior wing play that night. The other frosh was actually 7/8 that game. Too bad about Kelleher injury he was really good at Longmeadow and I am actually surprised he was a FOGO being he was an all around player in HS, hopefully he fully recovers.. cheap jerseys

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