Yeast Infection And Pregnancy

Yeast Infections And Pregnancy -So What Is A Yeast Infection?

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Yeast infection in pregnancy is caused by an imbalance in the levels of acid and yeast within the vagina. The imbalance is the perfect breeding ground for yeast to develop out of control, and cause a yeast infection. Yeast infection and pregnancy combined can be awfully uncomfortable, and extremely annoying.

Yeast infections are also extremely common during pregnancy down to all the hormonal changes that take place. Most pregnant women complain of yeast infections after the first three months of pregnancy, although they can occur at any time.

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What’s with a Yeast infection and pregnancy-why me?

Don’t worry there are thousands, if not millions of women who experience yeast infection and pregnancy (i.e during pregnancy!). Your body is working overtime trying to catch up with all the chemical changes in your vagina in preparation for the delivery of your newborn. Your vaginal discharge has increased sugar levels, and yeast loves to eat this, resulting in fungus. Yuck! – I know what you’re thinking! It is however easy to get rid of yeast infections in pregnancy.

How Can You Diagnose A Yeast Infection?

Unfortunately ladies, a trip to the doctors is inevitable with Yeast Infection and pregnancy. It’s a case of whipping off your pants, and allowing the Dr to take a quick look down below in order to properly diagnose the condition. Usually your midwife will be the care provider responsible for this procedure during your routine checkups in pregnancy. She may want to take a closer look to rule out sexually transmitted diseases, and send a swab of to the laboratory, though this is not always necessary.

Yeast Infections and Pregnancy:what are the Causes?

• Your hormones are working overtime, and a yeast infection pregnancy is usually down to hormonal changes.
• Taking antibiotics can trigger a yeast infection pregnancy.
• Sexual intercourse can trigger one.
• Diabetes or pregnancy related high sugar can also be the underlying cause of the infection.
• Bathing – you may have an allergy to the bubble bath that you use.
• Also bleeding in pregnancy or your partner’s semen can also trigger them off.

Will A Yeast Infection and Pregnancy Harm My Baby?

No, pregnancy is a worrying time for any woman, and a yeast infection and pregnancy at the same time will not harm your baby in any way, shape or form. Although the sooner you treat it the better – as a yeast infection that’s still present during the delivery of your child can be easily passed onto the baby.

So What Are The Dreaded Yeast infection symptoms?

Unfortunately Yeast infection symptoms are not pleasant at all! It’s a case of the quicker you get rid of it the better.

• Your vaginal lips will most likely be red – and swollen. Causing you to itch like hell! Try and moderate itching in public though.

• Most women complain of a cottage cheese like discharge – that smells like bread! Strange, but true.

• You could also get yellow or green colored discharge.

• Sex could prove to be painful.

• When you pass urine you may feel like there’s a fire burning down below.

Yeast infection and pregnancy: not pleasant!

Yeast Infection Treatment Pregnancy – So What Treatment Will Be Offered To You?

With yeast infections and pregnancy there are a variety of yeast infection treatment pregnancy options on offer, depending on where you choose to go. The most common treatments offered up with yeast infection and pregnancy are creams or tablets that are inserted into the vagina. Along with a follow up visit to the doctors to make sure that the infection has well and truly cleared up.

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