Yeast Infection Diet

Yeast Infection Diet
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Yeast Infection Diet:foods to avoid

Because yeast seem to thrive on sweets and sweet foods, the proponents of candida diets and yeast infections diets stress that one should avoid foods containing simple sugars, including a lot of fruits; white flour and white rice and anything fermented with yeast e.g beer and alcoholic drinks

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  • So things like white sugar should be avoided in a Yeast Infection Diet, along with refined carbohydrates like cereals.  Consider using stevia for sugar and brown rice to replace white and buck wheat bread to replace white, refined breads
  • Avoid white vinegar, dried fruits, mushrooms, canned vegetables and some condiments i.e foods that contain yeast or mold and can be encouragers of candida.
  • Dairy products and products derived from the milk of a cow cause allergic reactions that cause excessive mucus so avoid in favor of yeast free recipes.  Organic goat milk and sheep’s milk products are a better option if you are on a yeast infections diet.
  • avoid shellfish, tuna and shark meat. (see Mercury Poisoning article)
  • you should avoid fruit juices (especially those with preservatives etc) during the first few months of treatment especially because of their high sugar content
  • avoid using “Bad” (transfat) oils to cook with and use only coconut oil or rice bran oil to cook with and olive oil and flax seed oil in dressings with your Yeast infection diet.

What foods can cure yeast infections?

Although there is definitely some benefit in knowing what food not to eat, it is probably a better approach to consider what foods to eat to cure a yeast infection, or with the aim of curing it, following a yeast infection diet. So the answer to the question “Can foods cure yeast infections?” is “They are part of the cure for yeast infections” but it depends on the type and severity of your yeast infection. You will most likely need to incorporate it with a proven package such as advertised in the link above.

Probiotics are microorganisms that are alive, similar to the good bacteria found in one’s gut and elsewhere in the body.  An example of that is organic yogurt with live cultures.  Unsweetened acidophilus yogurt (no coloring or additives), taken daily will help combat the yeast and help your immune system.

The following “super foods” if taken regularly as part of a yeast infection diet, will help your immunity (remember, as discussed elsewhere on this site, a low immunity attracts yeast and fungal infections).

Superfoods for fungal infections: Cinnamon, coconut, curly Kale, Aduki bean, Avocado, Brazil nut, broad bean, butternut squash, carrot, chamomile, endive, garlic ,ginger, grapefruit, lentil, live soya yoghurt, papaya, pinto bean, psyllium seed, pumpkin, rice, rosemary, spinach, spring onions, thyme and tofu-are helpful for a yeast infection diet.

Papaya contains enzymes that can inhibit the proliferation of yeast.  Garlic is helpful in a Yeast Infections diet.  This wonderful herb protects against a wide variety of bacterial and fungal infections (not to mention strengthening your heart and blood vessels and helping prevent cancer!).

You can take a teaspoon of psyllium seeds with a glass of  water after meals.  An example of a breakfast meal that is nutritious and also aids against fungal infections is Scrambled tofu.

The recipe , together with very useful information on foods that are good for immunity can be found in the book Eat to Boost Your Immunity: The Practical Guide to Strengthening the Body’s Defense Systems by Kirsten Hartvig.

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Yeast Free Recipes

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