Yogurt yeast infections connection

Yogurt and yeast infections

3 out of 4 women seem to be prone to yeast infections some time in their life.  This is quite a high statistic.  Most rush off to see their doctor and are prescribed drugs like diflucan or over-the-counter remedies like Monistat treatment.
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Sometimes women interpret every itch as a yeast infection and get anti-fungal creams.  But there is a product closer to home that many may not have automatically made a connection to in terms of treatment of this annoying infection: they have not made the yogurt yeast infections connection! Why would you-unless you understood the probiotic benefits of yogurt acidophilus?

Yogurt Acidophilus

Drugs and antifungal treatments can achieve temporary ”fixes” but then the yeast organisms grow resistant and  the problem is: there is a very fine balance of microorganisms existing in our bodies and any number of factors, including prescription antibiotics, or stress, can throw this natural balance into disarray causing the  microorganism that causes yeast infection overgrowth, Candida Albicans, to proliferate.  This microorganism naturally exists in the vagina, stomach/digestive organs and on the skin in smallish amounts.  It is kept policed and in check by the bacteria called Lactobacillus acidophilus. So think “Yogurt acidophilus” when tucking in to this great natural food. Guess where you find that?- unsweetened, Natural yogurt.  You need to use natural yogurt with live active cultures, and that which has not been heat treated.  Check the labels when you look for a yogurt yeast infections remedy.

Ways to use yogurt to treat yeast infections

A basic yogurt yeast infections treatment is to simply to place some of the yogurt on a clean tampon and insert in the vagina, and leave the tampon in for a couple of  hours;then repeat morning and evening.  (If you can lay down whilst doing this, so much the better, as it is less messy). For oral thrush your yogurt yeast infections remedy could be just to consume the natural yogurt two or three times daily.  Try and keep the natural yogurt in your mouth for some time before swallowing, and then do not drink anything for 30-40 minutes.

When to treat a yeast infection with yogurt:

The answer is-you should implement the yogurt yeast infections treatment really at the first onset of yeast infection symptoms or when your doctor has confirmed it is indeed a yeast infection you are suffering from.  If you have left it till the yeast infection is at a developed stage, or worse, something like systemic candidiasis, it is doubtful whether the yogurt treatment by itself will suffice.

Probiotic benefits of Yogurt acidophilus

If you put this Lactobacillus Acidohilus back in to your system, it will definitely control your yeast outbreak and prevent further proliferation.  But make sure you only get containers or “pottles” that say “Active” cultures.  Heat-treated products are useless to you since they kill off the useful cultures.  And don’t O.D on sugar or add any sweeteners to the yogurt whilst using the yogurt yeast infections home remedy. So if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a natural yogurt a day may help prevent the dreaded yeasties from causing problems in the first place and there are studies that seem to support the idea that women who take yogurt daily get fewer yeast infections, an, if they do succumb to the infection, recover quicker.

As said before, resistant, systemic and deep-rooted cases probably will not be affected much by this natural product or helped by the probiotic benefits of yogurt yeast infections remedies.  What you will need is to get to the root of your yeast infection.  If you want a fully natural remedy that is very successful in dealing with yeast infections click on the link below.

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